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Understanding the labels and why there are so many re-issues:

In 1978 The Undertones signed with Sire Records of New York whose records were released via Warner Bros. In 1982 after a contractual dispute The Undertones left Sire with their catalogue and signed with EMI Records of London who released the record on the band’s notional label Ardeck. Ardeck never operated as a real label signing bands etc. it was and is still just an imprint. In 1993 after another contractual dispute the band left EMI again with their catalogue. From now on the records would only be licensed. In 1993 they signed a license deal with Castle Communications who initially released the records on the Dojo label but soon moved them to the Essential Label. In North American the catalogue was licensed to Rykodisc until 2003. Castle Communications was purchased by the Sanctuary Records Group who re-issued the catalogue on Sanctuary including in North America. In 2008 the band left Sanctuary and the catalogue is now licensed to Union Square Music.

All the versions below are only available second hand.

For details of the currently available version see: Current Releases

THE UNDERTONES  (Original issue, white cover) - MAY 1979

SRK 6071 - Released on vinyl and cassette . Sire Records.

Side 1 - Family Entertainment / Girls Don’t Like It / Male Model / I Gotta Getta / Wrong Way / Jump Boys / Here Comes The Summer

Side 2 - Billy’s Third / Jimmy Jimmy / True Confessions / (She’s A) Runaround / I Know A Girl/ Listening In/ Casbah Rock

The sleeve spots a white background with two black and white photo’s of the band on a brick wall in their native Derry. Taken by Larry Doherty  A colourful red inner sleeve is included, which also includes an epitaph for The Undertones!  Casbah Rock, a Mrs Simms shed demo, is credited on the label but not the sleeve.


Spanish.  S 60.276. 

Germany.  200-681320.

France.  C068 63028.

New Zealand.  SRK 6071.



DOLE CD 101.  A straight CD re-issue, credited as The Original Undertones LP.  This version reproduces the original artwork, including inner sleeve, and has a playing time of a mere 28 minutes!  This release is clearly for completists only and was only available via mail order. 

THE UNDERTONES  (Second issue, colour sleeve) - OCTOBER 1979

SRK 6081 -  Released on vinyl and cassette

Side 1 - Family Entertainment / Girls Don’t Like It / Male Model / I Gotta Getta / Teenage Kicks / Wrong Way / Jump Boys / Here Comes The Summer

Side 2- Get Over You / Billy’s Third / Jimmy Jimmy / True Confessions / (She’s A) Runaround / I Know A Girl/ Listening In / Casbah Rock

Five months after it’s initial release The Undertones were persuaded by Sire / Warner Bros to re-issue the first LP with a new sleeve and to include the previous single A sides. The fashion for singles being a totally separate release from an LP had in fact already been long passed  and purchasers expected the singles to be on the LP. The band however insisted that it be initially released at a low price so that completists would not feel ripped off. Advertisements in the music press at the time declared, Only £4. Maximum price until 31 Dec 79. The notable alterations being, a completely new sleeve design – in full colour.  The inner sleeve underwent a complete facelift, this time it is black with colour credits dropped into the familiar Undertones logo style arrows. Along with the previous singles Teenage Kicks and Get Over You a new version of  Here Comes The Summer was added as this was destined to be a single. 

July 1983

ARDM 1647391.

Having left Sire Records the LP was re-issued on the band’s own Ardeck label via EMI.  The basic packaging remains faithful to the Sire release, although the inner sleeve is demoted to black only!


FA 3188.

Budget re-issue on the Fame label, dating from October 1987.  No inner sleeve included.


DOJO LP 191.

DOJO re-issued the band’s entire back catalogue in May 1994, with each LP appearing on 10” vinyl.

Copies were limited to 500 of each LP, with each copy numbered via a sticker on the sleeve.  These limited pressings were initially only available from HMV stores. Plain white inner sleeves were used.

To add further confusion, DOJO pressed the LP again in 1996, using the same catalogue number as the 10” had previously adorned.  This time they opted for the full size 12” LP format, and included seven bonus tracks (in addition to the original LP running order) thus:

Smarter Than U/ Emergency Cases/ Top Twenty/ Really Really/ Mars Bars/ She Can Only Say No/ One Way Love. Completists should note that the last track on side one is Jimmy Jimmy, while side two opens with True Confessions The artwork for the rear of the sleeve is also altered to allow for the bonus material, and Alex Ogg’s sleeve notes.  DOJO substituted the re-recorded version of True Confessions with the Good Vibrations EP take.


America. SRK 6081.

Straight copy of the UK issue, complete with flimsy inner sleeve.  Every copy I’ve seen of this has a gold promo stamp on the cover.

Spain. SRK 6081.

No inner sleeve is issued with this version, although the sleeve features a printed circle declaring, Inclui Jimmy Jimmy E Teenage Kicks.

Dutch.  WBN 56.748.

No known variations here.

Japan.  IMPP 16081.



CDFA 3188.

The band’s debut made it’s debut onto CD in October 1987, on EMI’s budget Fame label.  However, this release was quickly deleted.

May 1994

DOJO CD 191. Contains all the tracks from the second issue (see above) plus Smarter Than You / Emergency Cases / Top Twenty / Really really / Mars Bars / She Can Only Say No / One Way Love. Sleeve notes by Alex Ogg.  A limited edition of 500 picture disc CD’s were also issued.  As with the limited vinyl release, each copy is numbered via a sticker on the case, and has the same catalogue number as the standard version. 


ESMCD 484.

On Essential/Castle Communications This version remains the same as the DOJO issue, apart from minor catalogue number changes etc.

RCD 10293.

The American re-issue on Rykodisc, which includes the same bonus tracks as the UK re-issue.


ESMCD 831. Reissue Castle.  This is really a combination of the original white cover and colour cover versions.  The artwork makes use of the white cover design, with sleeve notes by Paul Lester of Uncut magazine incorporating comments from both Mickey and Damian.  Ten bonus tracks are included, but the tracks are essentially the same as earlier re-issues.  Notable variations are the inclusion of both versions of True Confessions, along with the addition of You’ve Got My Number & Let’s Talk About Girls (formerly included on Hypnotised). 


SMRCD023. As above

All the versions above only available second hand. For details of the currently available version see: Current Releases

HYPNOTISED 18th April 1980

SRK 6088 - Released on vinyl and cassette . Sire Records.

Side 1 - More Songs About Chocolate & Girls / There Goes Norman / Hypnotised / See That Girl / Whizz Kids / Under The Boardwalk / The Way Girls Talk / Hard Luck

Side 2 - My Perfect Cousin / Boys Will Be Boys / Tearproof / Wednesday Week / Nine Times Out Of Ten / Girls That Don’t Talk / What’s With Terry?

Initial copies contain a thin cardboard lobster mobile.  The inner sleeve contains an array of ‘behind the scenes’ colour shots of the band and their entourage.


ARDM 1647421.

Re-issued by Ardeck in July 1983.  This re-issue remains fairly faithful to the Sire original, the only notable difference being that the inner sleeve photo’s appear in black and white on this version.


FA 3145.

Another re-issue, this time on EMI’s budget Fame imprint.  No printed inner sleeve is provided, some copies are stickered with The Undertones featuring Feargal Sharkey.


DOJO LP 192.

This is another of DOJO’s limited 10” pressings.  As before, 500 copies were produced, with a numbered sticker on the sleeve.


The below don’t differ greatly from the standard UK issue.  Any notable variations are indicated.

Portugese.  SRK 6088 NP. 

Real cheapo quality pressing.  The printed inner sleeve is substituted with a black and white folded insert.

America.  SRK 6088. 

I’m certain this came with a colour inner sleeve.

France.  2C 070 63828. 

Colour inner sleeve.

New Zealand.  SRK 6088. 

Colour inner sleeve, printed on card.

Australia.  SRK 6088.

No further details.

Germany.  202 203-320. 

Basically the same as the UK issue, not sure about the inclusion of an inner sleeve.

Japan.  RJ-7671. 

Most Japanese releases are far superior to their UK counterpart, and this is no exception.  The sleeve is the same as the UK one, and has a paper OBI band around it.  In the place of an inner sleeve is a four page insert, complete with lyrics.  I’ve only seen a promo copy of this, complete with red promo sticker on sleeve, but it’s fair to assume that a stock issue exists.



DOJO CD 192.

This LP had never appeared on CD until DOJO issued it thus in May 1994.  In addition to the original LP, the following bonus tracks are included: You’ve Got My Number / Hard Luck (Again) / Let’s Talk About Girls / I Told You So / I Don’t Wanna See (You Again)

500 picture CD’s were also issued, each numbered via a sticker on the case. Sleeve notes by Alex Ogg.


ESMCD 486.

Essential Records: As Above.

RCD 10294.

Rykodisc American re-issue, same bonus tracks as UK re-issue are included.


ESMCD 832.  Re-issue including three bonus tracks.  Sleeve notes by Paul Lester of Uncut magazine incorporate comments from both Mickey and Damian.  In line with the original LP, also includes a miniature cardboard lobster!

06076-81316-2 USA release. Same as ESMCD 832


SMRCD 230. As Above


ARD 103 - Released on vinyl and cassette . Ardeck / EMI records

Side 1 - Facination / Julie Ocean / Life’s Too Easy / Crisis Of Mine / You’re Welcome / His Goodlooking Girlfriend / Positive Touch

Side 2 - When Saturday Comes / It’s Going To Happen / Sigh & Explode / I Don’t Know / Hannah Doot / Boy Wonder / Forever Paradise

The LP’s largely plain white sleeve is embossed with various characters and images, a colourful inner sleeve is also present. Embossing was an expensive option and reflects EMI’s commitment to the band.

** There are no full size, so to speak, re-issues of this LP as such.  EMI did once have the LP as part of it’s Price Attack series, copies are identical to the originals and merely sported a mid-price label on the cover.


DOJO LP 193.

The only true re-issue, another 500 copy 10” offering from DOJO.  As before, each copy has a numbered sticker on the cover.


Again, nothing vastly different here compared to the UK issue.  Unless noted, all the below came with the same inner sleeve and embossed outer sleeve as the UK version.

Greece.  14C 062-64367. 

No inner sleeve included.  This has old style orange and brown EMI labels, rather than Ardeck ones.

America.  ST-12159. 

The Undertones became label mates with Pink Floyd, as this was released on the Harvest label!  Inner sleeve printed on thick card.

Yugoslavia.  LSEMI 73130.

France.  2C 070-64367. 

Germany.  1C 064-64367. 

The band logo and LP title appears enlarged on the front cover of this.

Spanish.  10C 064-64307. 

Allegedly, this has a different cover to the UK issue.  I’ve never seen a copy, but I’m told the only difference is that the embossed shapes are printed in grey.

Dutch.  064-64307. 

Pretty much faithful to the UK version.

Japan.  EMS-81431. 

As with all Japanese releases, this comes accompanied by an insert and an OBI band around the outer sleeve.  The insert features the artwork from the UK inner sleeve, but opens out to display an interview with the band (in Japanese) plus full lyrics in English.



DOJO CD 193.

In common with the other DOJO re-issues, bonus tracks are included in the form of:

Kiss In The Dark/ Beautiful Friend/ Life’s Too Easy (Re-recorded version)/ Fairly In The Money Now

Again, the obligatory 500 picture CD’s were issued.

ESMCD 485.

Re-issue on Essential/Castle. Same track listing as the DOJO release.

RCD 10295.

American Rykodisc re-issue, complete with the same bonus tracks that grace the UK re-issue.

17th April 2000

ESMCD 853.  Castle/ Essential re-issue. Bonus tracks are: Fairly In The Money Now / Julie Ocean (7” version) / Kiss In The Dark / Beautiful Friend / Life’s Too Easy (re-recorded version).

As per the other Castle re-issues, extensive sleeve notes are provided by Paul Lester with input from both Michael Bradley & John O’Neill. 


SMRCD333. Sanctuary re-issue as above.

THE SIN OF PRIDE - Released on vinyl and cassette . Ardeck / EMI records - MARCH 1983

ARD 104

Side 1 - Got To Have You Back / Valentine’s Treatment / Luxury / Love Before Romance/ Untouchable / Bye Bye Baby Blue

Side 2 - Conscious / Chain Of Love / Soul Seven / The Love Parade / Save Me / The Sin Of Pride

Although a striking sleeve design is used (complete with lyrics on the rear), the inner sleeve is plain black.  A mis-pressed version escaped, complete with tracks and mixes which didn’t appear on the ‘official’ release.  The track listing for this un-adulterated pressing goes like this:

Untouchable/ Valentine’s Treatment/ Love Before Romance/ You Stand So Close (But You’re Never There)/ Bittersweet/ The Love Parade/ Soul Seven/ Conscious/ Chain Of Love/ Save Me/ The Sin Of PrideDespite Bittersweet being without an official release at the time, the band regularly performed it live.  This mis-pressed version is incredibly rare.


DOJO LP 194.

10” vinyl re-issue.  Once again, 500 copies – . each one with a numbered sticker on the sleeve.


Germany.  1C 064-65009. 

No exciting variations compared to the UK issue.

Dutch.  064-65009. 

As above.

Australia.  AX.701625. 

Sample/promo issue on the Axis/EMI label.  Both labels are printed Sample Not Sale, and credit The Undertones featuring Feargal Sharkey – which suggests that this was issued while Feargal’s solo career was flourishing. 



DOJO CD 194.

Another fine re-issue/re-packaging job, courtesy of DOJO.  Bonus tracks included are as follows:

Bittersweet/ You Stand So Close (But You’re Never There)/ Turning Blue/ Like That/ I Can Only Dream/ Window Shopping For New Clothes

Thankfully, the ‘unreleased’ tracks from the 1983 mis-pressing were salvaged for this release.  Amongst the bonus tracks there is a truly previously unreleased song, I Can Only Dream.

In common with the three LPs preceeding it, The Sin Of Pride was also issued as a 500 copies picture CD.

ESMCD 487.

Again, exit DOJO enter Essential.

RCD 10296.

This American Rykodisc re-issue gave The Sin Of Pride it’s first ever US release!  Same bonus tracks as the UK re-issue are included.

17th April 2000

ESMCD 834.  Castle re-issue. Bonus tracks are: The Love Parade (12” version) / Like That / You’re Welcome (version) / Crisis of mine (version) / Family Entertainment (version) / Turning Blue / Window Shopping For New Clothes/ Bittersweet / You Stand So Close / I Can Only Dream. The tracks marked ‘version’ are actually the live versions from the Love Parade 12” single, which arrived on CD at last.  For those of you who like track time spotting, take note that on the DOJO CD version of this LP, I Can Only Dream clocks in at 6.58 – while on this latest version it’s grown to 7.45


SMRCD235. Sanctuary re-issue as above.

ALL WRAPPED UP - Released on vinyl and cassette . Ardeck / EMI records -  November 1983

ARD 1654283

‘A’ Sides LP:

Teenage Kicks / Get Over You / Jimmy Jimmy / Here Comes The Summer / You’ve Got My Number / My Perfect Cousin / Wednesday Week / It’s Going to Happen! / Julie Ocean/ Beautiful Friend / The Love Parade / Got To Have You Back/ Chain Of Love

‘B’ Sides LP:

True Confession / Smarter Than You / Emergency Cases / Really Really / She Can Only Say No / Mars Bars/ One Way Love / Top Twenty / Let’s Talk About Girls / I Don’t Wanna See (You Again) / Told You So / Fairly In The Money Now / Kiss In The Dark / Life’s Too Easy / Like That / Turning Blue/ Window Shopping For New Clothes.

A great compilation of all the band’s singles. The cover, a shot titled dressed to grill, depicts a young lady decked out in various meat items many years before Lady Gaga copied it. Excellent sleeve notes by Mick Houghton. Some people hate the sleeve others love it. The band were not really involved in this release as they had recently split up and were not really paying attention.

The idea of the LP was to make it initially available with a ‘free’ LP of all the B sides, with a transparent sticker on the sleeve explaining this.  There never was a single version of the LP released in the UK.  The only omission on the LP is the lengthy Hard Luck (Again).


America.  ST-12358. 

This appeared as a single LP in America on Capitol. Let’s Talk About Girls is added to end of side two.

Germany.  C064 165428.

Single LP, so A sides only are featured.

Japan.  EMS-81675. 

Remaining faithful to the UK issue, this is the double set.  Outer cover OBI and insert should be intact.  Promo copies also exist. 

CHER O’BOWLIES – Pick of The Undertones - Released on vinyl and cassette . Ardeck / EMI records - May 1986

EMS 1172

Side 1 - Teenage Kicks / True Confessions / Get Over You / Family Entertainment / Jimmy Jimmy / Here Comes The Summer / You’ve Got My Number / My Perfect Cousin / See That Girl / Tearproof / Wednesday Week

Side 2 - It’s Going To Happen! / Julie Ocean / You’re Welcome / Forever Paradise / Beautiful Friend / The Love Parade / Valentine’s Treatment / Love Before Romance / Save Me

Superb compilation  issued to cash-in on Feargal’s solo career.  Once again, Mick Houghton provides sleeve notes for this LP.  Forever Paradise is featured in an edited form for the benefit of this LP. Subtitled “featuring Feargal Sharkey’ understandably managed to upset the whole the band.

FA 3226

A straight forward re-issue of the above.

** An Australian ‘sample’ copy of this LP is rumoured to exist.


CDP 7463652.

Simply the CD equivalent of the vinyl version.

THE PEEL SESSIONS ALBUM- Released on vinyl - 1989


Side 1 - (1) Listening In / Family Entertainment / Billy’s Third / Here Comes The Summer / (2) Girls That Don’t Talk / Tearproof / What’s With Terry?

Side 2 - Rock n’ Roll/(3) Untouchable/ The Love Parade/ Luxury/ The Sin Of Pride

Recording dates:

(1)  22/01/79(2)  21/01/80(3)  08/11/82

Released on Strange Fruit in December 1989, this LP provided much needed relief for sufferers of decaying ferric copies of these sessions.  However, despite bold claims upon it’s release that this was the complete Peel sessions, it isn’t (see separate sessions listing).


The Peel Sessions LP - 1989


There are two versions of this release both are faithful to the vinyl counterpart.  One version has the identical sleeve to the vinyl version whilst the other has the photo from inside the booklet moved to the front.

A glow in the dark(!) American CD version also exists, on the Dutch East India Trading label.

TEENAGE KICKS – THE BEST OF - 20th September 1993

CTV CD 121

Teenage Kicks / Family Entertainment / Get Over You / Girls Don’t Like It / Male Model / Here Comes The Summer / Jimmy Jimmy / You’ve Got My Number / Mars Bars / Let’s Talk About Girls/  My Perfect Cousin / The Way Girls Talk / Tearproof / More Songs About Chocolate & Girls / Hypnotised / Wednesday Week / The Positive Touch / You’re Welcome / It’s Going To Happen! / Julie Ocean / When Saturday Comes / Forever Paradise / The Love Parade / Soul Seven / Casbah Rock

TV advertised and released on on Castle Communications, another fine compilation mixing LP and single tracks.  The cover design depicts nine picture sleeves of the band’s singles.  The sleeve notes are extracts from Teenage Kicks – The Undertones Story. 


RCD 20297.

Tracklisting as ‘Teenage Kicks – Best Of’ above

This is the Rykodisc American equivalent of the Castle Communications compilation.  Although the tracks are identical to the UK release, the packaging is different.  The front of the booklet is wholly dedicated to the familiar red Hypnotised lobster, the whole thing then folds out into a mini poster.  The sleeve notes are also the same as the UK release.  The case has a small title card folded over the top of it, complete with sales blurb on the back.

TRUE CONFESSIONS (Singles=A’s+B’s) - 13th September 1999

ESDCD 788 

CD 1:  Teenage Kicks / True Confessions / Smarter Than U / Emergency Cases / Get Over You / Really Really / She Can Only Say No / Jimmy Jimmy / Mars Bars / Here Comes The Summer / One Way Love / Top Twenty / You’ve Got My Number / Let’s Talk About Girls /  My Perfect Cousin / Hard Luck / I Don’t Wanna See You Again

CD 2:  Wednesday Week / I Told You So / It’s Going To Happen / Fairly In The Money Now / Julie Ocean / Kiss In The Dark / Beautiful Friend / Life’s Too Easy / The Love Parade / Like That / Got To Have You Back / Turning Blue / Bye Bye Baby Blue / Chain Of Love / Window Shopping For New Clothes.

This Undertones compilation, released on Essential/Castle Music.  This is basically a re-issue of All Wrapped Up.  As the title suggests, this double disc set rounds up all the band’s A and B sides.  The packaging is superb, standard history style sleeve notes are provided by Paul Lester (Uncut magazine), while Michael Bradley takes us through the LP track by track with his own anecdotes.  The whole thing is housed in a white embossed cardboard slipcase, with a vintage Rainbow gig poster thrown in for good measure. 

Hard Luck is the LP version not Hard Luck (Again), the true B side of My Perfect Cousin.  Julie Ocean is the LP version, and not the single version.  Life’s Too Easy should, rightfully, be the re-recorded version – again the LP version has been used.  Bye Bye Baby Blue should be the alternate version from the Got To Have You Back 12” single, but instead the Sin Of Pride LP track appears.  Chain Of Love is the LP version, which is basically the same as the single version but omits Feargal’s brief spoken segment.



Exactly the same as ESDCD 788 except the white slipcase lost it’s embossment as a cost cutting measure.


VRCD 0293 - 1994

Tracklisting as ‘Teenage Kicks – Best Of’ above.

This is a promo only release, issued in America to promote the band’s back catalogue on Rykodisk.  The tracks are identical to those on the UK & American ‘Best Of’ LPs.  This promo features both different artwork (black background with pink & yellow logo arrows) and sleeve notes, compared to both UK and American releases. 



Thrill Me / I Need Your Love The Way It Used To Be / Everything But You / Ride The Rough Escalator / You Can’t Say That / Enough / Touch/ Girl Like You / The Cruellest Thing / Oh Please / Winter Sun / Joyland / Shut Down

Oh Please - Photostory on YouTube

The first new recordings since the band split up in 1983 with Paul McLoone replacing Feargal. On Sanctuary Records.

THE BEST OF THE UNDERTONES - Teenage Kicks - 2003

TCSAN005, TV advertised

Teenage Kicks / My perfect Cousin / Jimmy Jimmy / Here Comes The Summer / Wednesday Week / You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It?) / There Goes Norman / It’s Going To Happen/ Get Over You / When Saturday Comes/ Male Model / Julie Ocean / True Confessions / (She’s A) Runaround / Mars Bar / Crisis Of Mine / Let’s Talk About Girls/  The Love Parade / Girls The Don’t Talk / Bittersweet

THE BEST OF THE UNDERTONES - Teenage Kicks - Enhanced version - 2003

TLSAN005 - TV advertised

Same track listing as above + DVD of Teenage Kicks video and a trailer for the Undertones DVD

LISTENING IN - Radio Sessions 1978 to 1982 - 2004

SANCD179 - 2004

Get Over You / Top 20 / She Can Only Say No / Male Model / Listening In / Family Entertainment / Billy’s Third / Here Comes The Summer / Nine Times Out Of Ten / The Way Girls Talk / Whiz Kids / Top Twenty / Girls That Don’t Talk / Tear Proof / What’s With Terry / Rock n Roll / The Positive Touch / You’re Welcome / When Saturday Comes / Like That (Song No One) / Bye Bye Baby Blue / Beautiful Friend / (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet/ Untouchable / The Love Parade/ Luxury / The Sin Of Pride

This is the complete BBC radio sessions of 6 sessions for John Peel and one session for Richard Skinner.

The Story of THE UNDERTONES Teenage Kicks DVD - 2004


DVD - A film telling the story of The Undertones with interviews with all the band members and John Peel, all the promotional videos and live footage



Dig Yourself Deep/ So Close/ Here Comes The Rain / Everything You Say Is Right / Him Not Me / We All Talked About You / Fight My Corner / Precious Little Wonder / Tomorrow’s Tears / Easy Way Out / Happy Vally/ Move Right In /  She’s So Sweet / I’m Recommending Me

The second new recordings since the band split up in 1983 with Paul McLoone replacing Feargal. On Cooking Vinyl Records.

All the versions above only available second hand.

For details of the currently available version see: Current Releases



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