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Teenage Kicks/ Get Over You// Jimmy Jimmy/ Here Comes The Summer


Essentially, this 10” promo only item is a mini Greatest Hits, albeit a very early one.  The striking green sleeve depicts The Undertones ‘arrow’ logo.  The back of the sleeve declares This is a limited edition of 1000.  Your personal number is_____.  The gap was intended for each individual number to be inserted.  However, some copies remain un-numbered, apparently due to the fact that whoever numbered them got fed up with doing so!

The labels are basically plain green and pink respectively.  The only print is copyright information and a small band logo.


My Perfect Cousin/ The Way Girls Talk/ Boys Will Be Boys// More Songs About Chocolate & Girls/ Wednesday Week/ There Goes Norman.

SAM 120.

A promo only release to promote the Hypnotised album.  This six track 12”, 45rpm, sampler comes with a custom black sleeve with white graphics.  Bizarrely enough, white label copies of this promo exist.


Listening In/ Family Entertainment// Billy’s Third/ Here Comes The Summer

SFPS 016.

This particular Peel session was released in November 1986, in the form of a 12” EP.  The sleeve, a basic design generic to all Strange Fruit early EP’s, is somewhat dull! 



A curious release, while using both a British catalogue number and address on the case, this CD version of the EP clearly states Made In Holland.  Housed in an album style jewel case, the graphics for this release are slightly more colourful than the UK 12” version.


Side One:  Hard Luck/ You’ve Got My Number/ I Gotta Getta/ Male Model/ Tearproof/ Girls That Don’t Talk/ Jimmy Jimmy/ Whizz Kids/ More Songs About Chocolate & Girls/ There Goes Norman/ Hypnotised/ Top Twenty/ My Perfect Cousin/ Get Over You.

Side Two:  Buzzcocks - Live, New York, Club 57 01.09.79.

SEX 3532.

This split album, a bootleg on the Happy Porpak label, draws material from the In Concert broadcast dating from 19th April 1980.  Although the material is from a radio broadcast, the quality is dreadful owing to the number of tracks crammed onto each side!  The labels are matt black with silver lettering.  The cover is a professional, full colour glossy affair, describing The Undertones as: The finest flowering of the pure pop ideal.

Note: The above album includes the full radio broadcast, save for one song – The Way Girls Talk.  This track should fall between There Goes Norman & Hypnotised.  


Hard Luck/ You’ve Got My Number/ I Gotta Getta/ Male Model/ Tearproof/ Girls That Don’t Talk// More Songs About Chocolate & Girls/ There Goes Norman/ The Way Girls Talk/ Hypnotised/ Top Twenty/ My Perfect Cousin.


A real cheap and nasty job this one!  Another bootleg album to featuring the In Concert broadcast, this time a murky medium wave off-air tape was used.  The album comes housed in a plain white sleeve along with a coloured paper insert.  The insert includes only basic graphics and track information, while the labels are blank and salmon coloured.  The catalogue number is culled from the run out grooves, ULST-5-A1 & ULST-5-B1 respectively.


Rock & Roll (taken from the January 1980 Peel session), plus tracks by The Sweet, Generation X & The Ramones.


This 7” coloured vinyl EP is, in fact, a very convincing bootleg.  Even the Phillips name and logo are used for added authenticity!  The professional picture sleeve, which features a photo of The Sweet, is made to look like a French picture sleeve from the seventies.  There are also copies of this on purple and turquoise coloured vinyl.


The ultimate rarities……

Hemel Hempstead Pavilion, 19.05.81 (In Concert 256)

BBC Introduction/ See That Girl/ Billy’s Third/ You’re Welcome/ When Saturday Comes/ Girls That Don’t Talk/ His Goodlooking Girlfriend/ I Gotta Getta/ Wednesday Week// Crisis Of Mine/ Get Over You/ You’ve Got My Number/ Sigh & Explode/ My Perfect Cousin/ Teenage Kicks/ More Songs About Chocolate & Girls/ What’s With Terry?/ There Goes Norman.

A BBC disc dating from 1981, which features nearly fifty minutes of superb quality music from a Hemel Hempstead gig.  Due to the nature of these ‘releases’, there are no catalogue numbers as such.  However, a ‘CN’ number of CN 3830/S appears on the label, along with a reference number 149272-S.  It’s possible that this particular album should also come complete with a cue sheet.  As with all genuine UK BBC transcription discs, the labels should be printed in both green and black print.

Reading University, 15.03.83  (BBC College Concert #33)

Introduction/ When Saturday Comes/ I Don’t Know/ The Love Parade/ Untouchable/ Teenage Kicks/ Chain Of Love/ Let’s Talk About Girls/ Conscious// Got To Have You Back/ Bittersweet/ Tearproof/ Julie Ocean/ Wednesday Week/ Get Over You/ Luxury/ You Got My Number (sic).

This disc hails from America, the distinctive yellow and black labels declare it to be a London Wavelength/ BBC College Concert.  The labels also carry a menacing headphone wearing bulldog character.

The cue sheet which accompanies this album quotes a reference number TT 4454, along with a broadcast week of 8th May 1983.  Various introductions, and closing credits, are provided by Pete Larkin and Richard Skinner.  Nearly fifty minutes of fine quality music spans this album.

1983 BBC UK Transcription Disc

Details are sketchy about this particular one.  It’s almost certain that this is the above Reading University show again.  Also highly likely is the fact that the above disc is simply a copy of this which had been modified for the purposes of American college radio broadcasting.


Teenage Kicks/ My Perfect Cousin/ Wednesday Week/ It’s Going To Happen/ The Love Parade/ Got To Have You Back.

MVR 9900092.

This excellent six track video EP was originally issued in 1984 by EMI’s Picture Music video imprint label.  In addition to the six promo films, There Goes Norman is featured at the beginning of the video with Mick Houghton’s All Wrapped Up sleeve notes as the visual.  A video for Norman does actually exists, and features the band’s manager, Andy Ferguson.  The video was shot at the same time as the My Perfect Cousin promo, but, sadly, at the time of release was lost in the vaults! 

This, the original issue of the video, comes housed in a cardboard slipcase.

PM 0011.

This is a 1986 budget re-issue of the video.  This time issued on the Video Music Collection label.  The actual video itself is the same as the original release, save for minor opening credit alterations.  Gone is the card slipcase, replaced by a sturdier plastic case.  Sadly, copies of this version were produced on cheap quality tapes – all copies suffered from deterioration.

This excellent collection has been deleted for many years now. 

PUNK (Various artists compilation)

Teenage Kicks(Recording session, November 1978)

4509 91011-3.

This fine Warner Brothers video compilation includes a gem of an Undertones clip – the recording of a classic!  Of course, by November 1978 Teenage Kicks had already been recorded and released, so this is a staged ‘recording session’.  Not only do you have a great quality visual, but the audio is a different version to the one we know and love.

Other artists featured on the video include The Jam, Buzzcocks, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Sex Pistols & The Stranglers.


The following singles all had Warner Brothers sheet music published.  Generally, each one features a cover design similar to that of the respective single.

Teenage Kicks                                                      KY 14846

Jimmy JimmyKY 15041

Here Comes The Summer                                   KY 15140

You Got My Number (sic)                                    KY 15330

My Perfect CousinKY 15637

Wednesday Week                    KY 15793

It’s Going To Happen!KY 16197

Sheet music cont…

In addition, Warner Brothers also produced an Undertones Mini songbook (KY 16411).  This features the lyrics and music to My Perfect Cousin, Jimmy Jimmy, Wednesday Week & You Got My Number (sic).  The cover boasts a 1981 publicity shot of the band as this item was produced some time after the songs were actually released.


Ultimate trainspotter’s guide……


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