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Now I’ve cried a river, since the day you said goodbye
And if you don't come back, I'm going to drown in the tears I cry

Chorus 1

Save me (save me)
Save me (save me)
Come on and save me
I need you so

Like falling off a mountain slope, I'm sinking down so fast
Clinging to a twig of hope, that this separation won't last

Chorus 2

Save me, (save me, save me)
Why don't you save me? (save me, save me)
It’s up to you to save me (save me)
I need you so

Ooh, yeah, yeah

Without you here beside me, I'm only half alive
Stay away from me any longer, I can't survive

Oh, save me (save me, save me)

Why don’t you save me (save me, save me)

Only you can save me baby

I need you so

I’m asking you to save me (save me)

I need you so

Only you can save me (save me)

Oh, save me, save me, save me

Written By: W. Robinson / W. Moore / R. Rodgers

Published by: Jobete Music UK Ltd