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Teenage Kicks/ Smarter Than You // True Confessions/ Emergency Cases 

GOT 4. 

The original release from September 1978, on Belfast’s Good Vibrations label.  Copies come housed in a flimsy paper poster style sleeve, take your pick from white, mustard yellow, pink or green (maybe there’s more?) coloured posters.  The first pressing has the song titles printed upside down when the poster is opened, later copies correct this but omit ‘Undertones’ from the poster.  Some labels credit The Undertones and some just Undertones.  Allegedly, 7000 copies were pressed.

SIR 4007. 

Sire soon snapped up the Derry quintet and re-issued the EP in October 1978, complete with a new matt black finish title sleeve.

ARDS 1. 

With the band’s split imminent Ardeck re-issued Teenage Kicks in June 1983.  Purchasing this 7” version only gave you two tracks, the title track and Emergency Cases.  This re-issue utilised the Sire sleeve with the obvious label and catalogue number changes.

12 ARDS 1. 

The full EP on 12 inches of vinyl, again using the original Sire sleeve design.  A shameful marketing ploy!  ‘Factory Sample’ copies exist with reaction/PR sheets enclosed.


A further re-issue from April 1994, this time on DOJO, who turned up trumps with this one.  Dojo turned their release into a pastiche of the Good Vibes original, putting the poster on more durable glossy paper.  The record itself is pressed on green vinyl, and limited to 2000 copies. Each copy is numbered via a sticker on the sleeve.  All four tracks are present.

TONES FC / CD 1.  (CD Single) 

DOJO also issued the EP as a CD.  The ‘FC’ prefix denotes freebie copies that were issued free to chart return shops.  Shops would’ve paid real money for copies with the ‘CD’ prefix!  The CD comes packaged in an album size jewel case, complete with fold out insert featuring the Good Vibes artwork plus details of the (then) forthcoming CD re-issues.


A numbered limited edition quality reissue of GOT4, faithfully reproducing the original artwork then enclosed in a normal sleeve reproducing  the front cover.


WBN 17585 Dutch. 

Issued with a totally different sleeve featuring street shots of the band.  Only two tracks are featured, title track and Smarter Than You.  The label credits Teenage Kicks I Wanna Hold You.  For some unknown reason, this wasn’t released in Holland until 1980.

2C 008-62177 French. 

One of the hardest to find foreign Undertones singles.  Also issued in a totally different sleeve, albeit rather uninspiring.  The front of the sleeve is mainly black with white and yellow lettering, while the rear of the sleeve features a large black square!  Again, only two tracks included, the other one being True Confessions.

SRE 49195  America. 

A stock copy exists with Smarter Than You on the B side.  No picture sleeve issued.

SRE 49195  Canadian.

Pretty much the same as the American counterpart, even down to the catalogue number.  Again, Smarter Than You is on the B side, and no picture sleeve issued.


SIR 4007 PRO  UK.

Two track promo issue with True Confessions on the B side.  The label declares Specially Mastered For DJ Use.  No picture sleeve issued.

SRE 49195  America. 

Teenage Kicks appears on both sides, in mono and stereo.  No picture sleeve issued.

SRE 49195  Canada. 

This Canadian promo curiously has the same catalogue number as the USA promo, but features Smarter Than You on the flip side.  The familiar yellow Sire label background has been dropped in favour of a white background with black only printing.  Again, no picture sleeve issued.


Get Over You// Really Really/ She Can Only Say No

SIR 4010. 

The band’s second single, released on 19th January 1979 in a fairly scarce picture sleeve. According to Feargal, the sleeve took fifteen minutes to design.  No reference to She Can Only Say No is made on the sleeve.


Jimmy Jimmy// Mars Bars

SIR 4015. 

Released on 20th April 1979, housed in a bright yellow picture sleeve sporting a photo of a young Feargal beaming from behind one of his many Feis trophies.  Alternatively, there’s a green vinyl pressing housed in a printed PVC sleeve with the same Feargal mugshot overprinted on it.  Some copies of the green vinyl issue also include a tour date insert.  Both black and green vinyl variations sport the same catalogue number.


100 679-100  German.

Issued in a totally different sleeve to the UK issue.  The sleeve for this utilises the brick wall photo from the original issue of the first album against a black background.  The same design appears on both front and back of the sleeve.

45-1869  Spanish. 

As with the German issue, this features both a different sleeve to the UK issue and also uses the brick wall shot on the front of the sleeve.  The rear of the sleeve features an advert for the first album.


Here Comes The Summer// One Way Love/ Top Twenty

SIR 4022. 

Released on 13th July 1979 in a colour postcard style picture sleeve, which was actually ‘borrowed’ from a genuine Derry postcard!  The Undertones provided quantity as well as quality, with two B side tracks.

A handful of Gary Numan’s Are Friends Electric? escaped with Here Comes The Summer mispressed on the B side! 

ARDS 4. 

This Ardeck re-issue was only available with the My Perfect Cousin double pack re-issue from 1983.  It retains the original Sire sleeve design, while implementing the obvious label/catalogue number changes.


100 862-100  German. 

Nothing very exciting about this, same sleeve as UK issue except the catalogue number appears on the front of the sleeve in the top right hand corner.

SIR 4022  New Zealand. 

Often described as ‘mega rare’ but not issued with a picture sleeve, and has the same catalogue number as the UK issue.  Pretty dull really!

SIR 4022.   Australia.

No picture sleeve issued (again), just a WEA company sleeve.

S100862  Holland.

Maybe…more details to follow.

YOU’VE GOT MY NUMBER (Why Don’t You Use It!) 

You’ve Got My Number// Let’s Talk About Girls

SIR 4024. 

Released 5th October 1979 complete with a ‘die-cut’ picture sleeve (ie. the back of the sleeve has a label size hole in it).  The purpose of the die-cutting is to reveal the record’s colourful picture label.


2C 008-63503  French. 

This features possibly the finest Undertones sleeve design.  The French opted to use a shot from the re-issue of the first album to grace the front of the sleeve, sadly the back of the sleeve has only a huge black square with a white border!

101 164-100  German. 

The front design of the UK sleeve appears on both sides of the German release.  Again, the catalogue number appears in the top right hand corner on the front of the sleeve.


My Perfect Cousin// Hard Luck (Again)/ Don’t Wanna See (You Again)

SIR 4038. 

This, The Undertones’ biggest hit, came housed in a very colourful Subbuteo player picture sleeve. Designed by, but not credited to, Damian O’Neill / Eugene Martin and Bush Hollyhead.  Don’t Wanna See (You Again) clocks in at less than a minute, and was originally recorded for the band’s first demo’s in March 1978.  Released on March 28th 1980.

ARDS 6. 

Issued by Ardeck in October 1983 to co-incide with the All Wrapped Up compilation.  A double pack single was issued with an oversize picture sleeve which also houses a re-issue copy of Here Comes The Summer (ARDS 4).  Apparently regular (non double packs) also exist with the same catalogue number.

12 ARDS 6.

The 12” version of the re-issue, same tracks and sleeve as both the Sire original and Ardeck re-issue – just five inches bigger!


SFL-2484  Japanese. 

Standard Japanese release format, record housed in record company generic paper sleeve with printed insert both inserted in a polythene sleeve.  The insert also reproduces the lyrics, albeit inaccurately.  Both stock and white label copies exist.

WBN 17618  Dutch. 

Basically the same as the UK release except the sleeve has a red border instead of a yellow one.

2C 008 63811  French. 

Same sleeve design as UK release, the catalogue number appears in the top left hand corner of the sleeve.  The labels are silver injection moulded, as opposed to the usual paper choice.

101 802-100  German. 

Basically the same format as UK release but the catalogue number is printed on the front of the sleeve in the top right hand corner.

SIR 4038NP  Portugese. 

Same as the UK release, uses the UK catalogue number - adding ‘NP’ to the end of it!

45-1977  Spanish.

Same UK sleeve design - except the front is in colour, with the catalogue number printed in the top right hand corner.  However, the back is in printed in black and white!

SIR 4038  New Zealand. 

Not issued with a picture sleeve, but this version omits Don’t Wanna See (You Again) all together and uses Hard Luck from Hypnotised, instead of Hard Luck (Again).

SIR 4038  Australia. 

Same catalogue number and tracks as UK release, but not issued in a picture sleeve.

SIR 4038  Scandanavian (?). 

Basically the same as the UK issue except the sleeve is printed on textured paper and has the catalogue number printed on the front.  Possibly Danish.


Wednesday Week// Told You So

SIR 4042. 

The card picture sleeve which accompanied this was more reminiscent of something from the sixties than from July 1980.  The B side was originally intended as a track for a Smash Hits magazine flexi disc, listen carefully to Feargal’s spoken intro.


WBN 17664  Dutch. 

Essentially the same as it’s UK counterpart, except the sleeve is printed on thinner textured paper.

102 330-100  German. 

Excellent different sleeve design.  The photo from the rear of the UK sleeve appears on the front with Top Hit England printed nearby.  The rear of the sleeve features an advert for the Hypnotised album.

SRE 49283  America. 

Scarce stock issue, no picture sleeve was issued.


SRE 49283  America. 

Same track both sides, just mono and stereo versions.  No picture sleeve issued.


It’s Going To Happen// Fairly In The Money Now

ARDS 8. 

The Undertones acrimoniously parted company with Sire, and set up their own label, Ardeck.  The label was licensed through EMI, this was the first release on 21st April 1981.  For the unusual sounding B side, the band went under the pseudonym of Tommy Tate & His Torpedoes.


1A 006-64381  Dutch. 

Standard same as UK issue stuff, apart from catalogue number etc changes.

1C 006-64381  German.

As above.

11C 008-64381  Portugese.

Again, pretty much a straight copy of the UK issue.

10C 006-064381  Spanish. 

Basic UK design, but Va A Ocurrir! is added to front of cover while the rear of the sleeve is printed black & white (as opposed to the usual colour shot).

EMI 1001  New Zealand. 

Issued on EMI, without pic. sleeve.  Stickered demo copies exist.

EMI-537 Australia. 

Standard Australian stuff, no picture sleeve issued.

P-A-5027  America.

The third of only three ‘Tones singles issued in America.  This stock version is much rarer than the promo!  Fairly In The Money occupies the B side, no picture sleeve issued.


P-A-5027  America. 

Curiously enough, this promo appeared on the Harvest label.  Same track in stereo on both sides.  No picture sleeve issued.


Julie Ocean// Kiss In The Dark

ARDS 9. 

A re-recorded, longer, version from the Positive Touch album.  Issued in a distinctive picture sleeve.  Released July 1981.


1A 006-64491  Dutch. 

UK sleeve design was used with general details being changed.


Beautiful Friend// Life’s Too Easy

ARDS 10. 

Another distinctive Undertones sleeve design, dating from February 1982.  The B side is, again, a re-recorded track which originally appeared on the Positive Touch.  Some copies have mis-printed labels, whereby the A side labels have the peeling effect twice and the B side once.  Regular Ardeck releases usually feature the reverse of this.


1A 006-64733  Dutch. 

Same sleeve design as the UK release.

11C 008-64733  Portugese. 

As above.


The Love Parade// Like That

ARDS 11. 

The Undertones returned in October 1982, from a fairly lengthy absence, with this.   Sadly, neither the attractive picture sleeve or promo video helped The Love Parade dent the hit parade.

12 ARDS 11. 

This, the first Undertones single to be released on 12” format, is exceedingly generous.  The A side boasts an extended version of the title track, while the B side contains Like That along with live versions of You’re Welcome, Crisis Of Mine and Family Entertainment.  Additionally, studio malarky is edited in between the live tracks.


1A 006-64989  Dutch. 

Same sleeve design as UK issue.

2C 008 64989  French. 

Standard UK sleeve design used, only notable differences are the sleeve being printed on thin card and silver injection moulded labels.


ARDS 11 DJ  UK. 

This UK promo comes in a plain black sleeve, save for a sticker stating Remixed & Edited.  The record actually features the same version as the standard 7” issue, the remix and edit compares to the longer 12” version.  To add further confusion,  the labels make no reference to this being a promo, the only clue is the matrix number - ARDS 11 A DJ.  Contrary to popular belief, this is not a one sided promo, Like That is firmly in place on the B side.


Got To Have You Back// Turning Blue

ARDS 12. 

Housed in a more basic title only picture sleeve.  It is often speculated that such a basic sleeve design hinted that things were not well within The Undertones camp.  The ‘basic’ sleeve does not detract from the quality of the music.  Got To Have You Back was the Undertones’ penultimate single, and was released in March 1983. 

12 ARDS 12. 

This, the 12” version, features an extra track in the form of Bye Bye Baby Blue (Version).

‘Version’ indicates that this is a different version compared to the Sin Of Pride album version.  Additionally, this 12” pressing was made available at the same price of the 7” single.


1A 006-65119  Dutch. 

The Dutch copy of Got To Have You Back is a real gem, it features a totally different sleeve than the UK counterpart.  The front of the sleeve uses the Sin Of Pride sleeve design, along with a mention of the band’s appearance at the Lochem Festival on May 12th 1983.  The rear of the sleeve features an advert for the Sin Of Pride album.  Four days after the Lochem Festival gig Feargal announced his intention to quit The Undertones.

EMI 1066  Australia. 

Released on EMI without a picture sleeve.


EMI 1066  Australia. 

Promo information is overprinted on the label in red.  As with the stock copies, no picture sleeve was issued.


Chain Of Love// Window Shopping For New Clothes

ARDS 13. 

The Undertones bowed out with Chain Of Love in April 1983, a criminally underrated track.  The version used is also slightly different to the Sin Of Pride version.  Michael Bradley takes vocal duties for the B side.  The sleeve design is, again, basic and simple - red background with the record labels reproduced upon it.

No 12” version was issued.


Save Me// Tearproof   

ARDS 14. 

Issued in May 1986, some three years after the band’s demise.  The purpose behind this posthumous release was to tie in with the, then, recently issued Cher O’Bowlies ‘best of’ compilation.

The purpose behind the compilation was to capitalise upon Feargal’s, then, flourishing solo career!  The sleeve even has the audacity to credit the band as The Undertones featuring Feargal Sharkey.  A truly shameful money grabbing exercise.

12 ARDS 14. 

This 12” format boasts I Know A Girl as an extra track.


EMI 1800  Australia. 

Basically the same sleeve as the UK release is used, this appears on EMI


EMI 1800  Australia. 

This promo copy is essentially the same as the stock issue, but has ‘sample’ information overprinted on the labels.


PSR 461  UK. 

Often disputed this one, but it does exists.  When Saturday Comes was never commercially released as a single in the UK – it only appeared as this promo only item.  The B side features two of the band’s Sire hits; Jimmy Jimmy and My Perfect Cousin.  Making this item even more desirable is the custom promo picture sleeve, which uses Positive Touch style artwork in blue (not the familiar white).  The sleeve also states Limited Edition – Not For Sale – Promotion Only.

Although of UK origin, it would appear that this item was pressed for export - some copies in circulation have the push out centre missing.  A sticker promoting the 1981 European tour is usually, but not always, fixed to the front of the sleeve.

1A 006-64587  Dutch. 

When Saturday Comes was released in Holland, for some reason.  The B side is I Don’t Know, and the picture sleeve is virtually identical to the above promo release, save for the obvious alterations.




Disc One-Teenage Kicks / Smarter Than U / True Confessions / Emergency Cases

Disc Two-Get Over You / Really Really / She Can Only Say No

Disc Three-Jimmy Jimmy / Mars Bars

Disc Four-Here Comes The Summer / One Way Love / Top Twenty

Disc Five-You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It) / Let’s Talk About Girls

Disc Six-My Perfect Cousin/ Hard Luck / I Don’t Wanna See (You Again)

Disc Seven-Wednesday Week / I Told You So

Disc Eight-It’s Going To Happen / Fairly In The Money Now

Disc Nine-Julie Ocean / Kiss In The Dark

Disc Ten-Beautiful Friend / Life’s Too Easy

Disc Eleven-The Love Parade / Like That / You’re Welcome / Crisis Of Mine / Family Entertainment

Disc Twelve-Got To Have You Back / Turning Blue / Bye Bye Baby Blue


FU028 UK

Thrill Me / I’ll Carry This Light

2003, Limited Edition 7” vinyl

Released on For Us Records


FL 4505

Much Too Late /  When It Hurts I Count To Ten

2013, Limited Edition 7” vinyl

April 2013 in conjunction with Record Store Day

Released on the Flaming’ June label.

You can view the video for Much Too Late here.



My Perfect Cousin / Hard Luck (Again) / I Don't Wanna See (You Again)

2016, Limited Edition of 1,000 7” red vinyl

Released 16 April 2016 in conjunction with Record Store Day

The single sleeve front cover features moveable magnetic characters - player, ball and banners.



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