York -Fibbers 2nd April

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York -Fibbers 2nd April

Postby True Believer » Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:08 am

Great night thanks guys. That's the third time I've seen the second coming of the band and felt like the most tight I've seen. Maybe it was just the intensity and vibe/nature of the first album laden set I don't know? Maybe the fact that it was so hot and sweaty in there helped too, it was clear the band were literally on fire though and Paul was struggling at times not to do any personal damage given the low ceiling.
There's nothing strange about Paul fronting now, he's the man. Funny how he forgot the opening line at the very start of the gig (maybe concentrating too much on the Viking jokes double act with Mickey), Mickey coming to the rescue with the prompt :D 'Family Entertainment 'I think ?
The set flew by with a good mix of the essential numbers on top of the early stuff.

A word on the venue,my first visit to Fibbers since the refurb. There's a decent enough easy going vibe about the place but the layout is a little puzzling. There's a real bottle neck situation to reach the toilets past the queue for the ( no draught serving ) bar. The other bar is hidden away side stage which is a bit of an assault course to find your way to.

Good luck for the rest of the tour boys and thanks a million for a great night.
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