Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth

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Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth

Postby hawk » Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:16 pm

Fantastic gig at Portsmouth.

Belter of a set by the band - they looked as though they really enjoyed themselves.

Crowd well up for it - good venue.
Great to meet up with Cliff again (thanks for T Shirt Cliff, really good), also Phil and Nora.

Link to some pics inc. setlist:
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Re: Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth

Postby oliver02 » Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:49 am

Yes started well with Doyle & the Fourfathers, really enjoyed them.

A bit disappointed with the numbers, it wasn't full, decent but not full. I just feel the Undertones should be selling out venues like this, whats wrong with people??!! Sometimes I feel the band don't hit the ground running and last night was like that. They looked a bit like they were just warming up during "family entertainment" which is a shame because its a great song and deserves as much respect as "teenage kicks". I also thought the volume needed to be a bit louder but slowly but surely they cranked it up and it was all sounding great by the time we got to "jump boys". Highlights for me were "WSC" "TK" (nobody does it as good as the undertones), "recommending me" brilliant as always, love that song. No "wednesday week" or "love parade" which I was quite looking forward to after some of you mentioned a new version. MB joked that "WSC" was the only remaining track left from positive touch, I know he was joking but there are some great tracks from that album, "you're welcome" is brilliant.

But I do have a gripe. I know Mickey and Paul enjoy their banter and it is very quick witted and funny at times, but often nowadays Paul continues laughing into the next song and so he can't sing parts of it. Some people travel long distances, as I did, to get to these gigs and we all have our favourite songs; please give them the respect they deserve eh?
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Re: Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth

Postby tearproof » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:28 pm

Cant' agree with the last comment enough in particular, sound level, i'm very much an old Undertones Fan and have followed the bands for many years, I feel they are a band heard better Loud!!!!, yes and shame about the numbers' whats wrong with people these day's, they just need to get out and gig more' too busy waisting their live's watching x - factor if the truth be known.
Anyway, I can truely say as usaul I enjoyed, the gig and the Tone's were brillant as was the norm, thank's to Billy Docherty 'Teenage Kicks was Dedicated to Me, so can't do better than that,, I''ll be in Brighton on Saturday for More' Song's about Choclate and Girls.......All the best!
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