What's new on your cd player / iPod?

One you've heard The Undertones can you really listen to anything else!

What's new on your cd player / iPod?

Postby Phil » Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:22 pm

Thanks to a recommendation from the Alturos bass player I have just downloaded an album "Busy Singles" By the Tranzmitors (available on iTunes for a paltry £7.99). From Vancouver, they cite The Jam and The Undertones as influences.

They do a cracking version of "Who's gonna tell Mary?" and I am told that Gerry McCandless approves...

Another track - "Nervous breakdown" is a classic waiting to be discovered (IMHO)

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=80544332 - if you want a taster
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Re: What's new on your cd player / iPod?

Postby hawk » Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:23 pm


A great recommend from Alan - a really good album, like it a lot. (Only $8.88 - whatever that is in English !!)

As you said - a pretty nifty version of Who's Gonna Tell Mary - although not as good as the original (of course)!!

Apart from that, the latest on the mp3 player are a couple of albums by Yachts which I transferred from vinyl. Hardly current - but a couple of good albums nevertheless.

hawk :) :)
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Re: What's new on your cd player / iPod?

Postby Roger » Sun Nov 16, 2008 6:01 pm

i sent this cover to Gerry - and few fans - few weeks ago i was curious to know his opinion because it's the first ever Moondogs' cover i have never heard (!) he loved it and Julius aswell.. the Tranzmitors played gigs months ago in UK and they were great.
It's not an official recording, only live recording in Vancouver. I put it online this mp3 here:
By the way, I'm looking for any other covers...
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