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Feis show

Postby DaveyD » Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:59 pm

Went to the mud fest on Saturday and saw the Undertones do their stuff in the rainy afternoon. Not seen the band since Hammersmith Odeon in 83 (when the crowd mobbed the stage). First saw the band in 79 at the Rainbow. Not been interested in seeing the modern day version of the band - just not the same without Fergal - you wouldn't see the Stones without Mick!! Paul Mc does his bit - but its not the same.

The band played tracks I hadn't heard even back in 79. No Mars Bar though.

Although the band played a rocking set it was pretty much lost on the majority of the crowd. Most probably weren't born with the first album came out and they only stopped chatting when the band played teenage kicks. Sad that a great portion of the Irish crowd completely ignored the tones in favour of getting wasted on the overpriced beer and then heading off the see the waste of space Shane MacGowan.

I did think the tones would play some new stuff. Do they record new stuff. Can't help thinking middle aged men singing about chocolate and girls is now a bit silly. Need to evolve or just end up like a tribute band. I admired the O'Neills for doing that stuff with That Petrol Emotion - a bit hit and miss but the right thing to do at the time.

If any of the band read this, thanks for the memories. A great band in the time of my youth. Still got loads of pics, tour shirts, clippings, reviews etc from the early days and have my treasured green vinyl Jimmy Jimmy single on the wall our bar. Have seen Fergal more than once on the northern line tube - going to work like the rest of us.

PS. Looking at those pics from the gig the night before - do any women attend the shows?
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Re: Feis show

Postby Breeze » Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:58 am

As one of the middle aged men singing along at Feis, yes I probably did feel a bit silly, initially. Probably would not do it in the office but, hey, it was a music festival. I last saw the Undertones in 1979 at Edinburgh (Ingleston) Festival. Also on the bill were Squeeze, Talking Heads and Van Morrison. However, I was there to see the Undertones, my favourite band at the time. Can't remember exactly, but I believe they did about 5 encores. Brilliant, with Fergal an outstanding front man!
Their performance at Feis was what we would expect, given a 45 minute slot, fast and furious. They battered through the first album. I was amazed how quickly the words of the songs came back to me, as most of them I had not heard for 30 years. But then again, I played this album to death at the time. Also threw in a few hits. Obviously, the majority of the crowd only knew Teenage Kicks, but a few knew Jimmy Jimmy, Here Comes The Summer & My Perfect Cousin but that was great too. The highlight for me was "Get over You" right at the end. Paul Mc is not Fergal but he doesn't try to be and still pulled it off. A great singer in his own right. The Undertones could probably develop as musicians. This much was obvious, in the diversity and progress they made in the early 80s, however it didn't sell as well as the original powerpop stuff. Maybe that's why Fergal left. I remember a couple of interviews in "Sounds" and NME where they admitted to being heavily influenced by Talking Heads and others but really this new direction did not really please the majority of their early fans.
I would still like to hear new, original recordings from the boys but it wouldn't be an Undertones Gig without the hits too.
Overall a great set at Feis and really set us up for a brilliant day for the Waterboys, Christy Moore and Bob Dylan.
I am definitely not going to leave it another 32 years to see the Undertones again! Well done lads.
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