Alps, cheese and Undertones.

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Alps, cheese and Undertones.

Postby Alcina » Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:41 am

The show in Zug was extraordinary.
Everything fit, the location (small and intimate festival right by the romantic Lake Zug), the crowd, the people, the weather, the sound, The Undertones.
They were very relaxed and had such obvious fun, towards the end I saw a bouquet of plastic flowers fly on the stage - Damian picked it up and stuck it into the back of Paul's jeans. Priceless.
The performance just seems to get better each time I see them and the new song (Much Too Late) made the crowd scream and jump just as Teenage Kicks. It is a friggin killer to hear live!
It was a pleasure to meet the lads and to meet Oetzi (and his wife) who picked up bodyguard-duties to shelter leg-lame me while the wild ones pogoed.
Thanks for that, Oetzi!!
Bern was a cracker show as well, yet the venue was so tiny that the crowd couldn't get going like it was possible in Zug under an open sky.
All in all....those two concerts and all around it was mindblowing.
Here's a few pics:
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