The Windsor , Bangor Open House Festival 23 August

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The Windsor , Bangor Open House Festival 23 August

Postby thanatos_1979 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:56 pm

Back in the early days of Punk , there was quite a vibrant music scene in the seaside town of Bangor , in 1977 we were privileged have have SLF at The Trident ( now immortalised on vinyl ) , Rudi and The Outcasts both played several gigs here , we even had David Soul (remember him ? Starsky and Hutch ?) fly in for a show .
We had some cracking local bands -The Doubt , The Co-ordinates , Dogmatic Element to name a few , BUT we never got to see the Undertones ? 35 years later as part of The Open House Festival they finally rolled into town , the unlikely venue of The Windsor Bar .Having seen over the last few years some of my musical heroes from that golden era of 1979 ish - The Skids ( a fantastic hometown gig ) , SLF ( always a good show ) , Blondie (dissappointing I thought ) and The Boomtown Rats to come in October , I knew The Undertones wouldnt fail to deliver .
The gig was sold out , as I said a tiny venue maybe a max of 300 people -not yer average punk crowd , mostly middle aged , quite a few females out to relive their youth possibly -they even put their handbags on the stage for safekeeping . The band came on around 10pm and played a 30 song set with the Ramones influence visible in that most of the songs were around the 2min mark , theres no better way to start a set than Jimmy Jimmy-the dancers were in action straight away , as expected teenage kicks went down the best but I was just happy to hear the entire first LP played in entireity (I think ?) .Latter day undertones songs such as Love Parade and When Saturday comes came across well a la garage band style .A big thumbs up to Mr Bradley as he kept his big black gettaway limo waiting as he posed for photos in the bar after - a nice touch .
You just couldnt fault the band and their interaction with the audience thanks to Mickey and Paul , it seems to be the "in thing " with other bands these days not to talk to the paying public - 10/10 guys !! and thanks for playing Mars Bars right at the end (not on the set list ) . Please come back soon , now if you havent already seen it - Good Vibrations , I suggest you get down to your local dvd emporium and check it out , its a great watch , its were it all started !! Michael .
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Re: The Windsor , Bangor Open House Festival 23 August

Postby Mojidirulay » Tue Dec 09, 2014 4:44 am

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